Upcoming ICOs

Upcoming ICOs

2019 -> 2020 and Beyond

What is an ICO?

An "ICO" or 'Initial Coin Offering' are interest based crowdfunding of new cryptocurrency or blockchain-based applications. New crypto based projects allow for early adapters to donate cryptocurrency in exchange for the project's own ERC20/EOS/Sha256 token (ICO Token). Many times these tokens have utility inside the upcoming project, althoug it's no secret that many investors simply donate to ICOs for the hopes of making money.

Upcoming ICOs

Over two billion dollars worth of crpytocurrency have already been donated to ICOs up to this date. There are many notable upcoming ICOs, some from seemingly omnious foreign parties, to even projects backed by the titans of the technology industry. For a full list of upcoming ICOs view our ICO Calendar by using the navigation above.

ICOs Launched
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ICO Related Quotes

"“It is unstoppable, it is enormous and it is going to shake the world,”"

— Andreas Antonopoulos

"ICO market (still) very young''


"ICOs have huge potential for investments"

— Russian Central Bank