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Blockchain’s Role in the War on User Data

However, some companies survived, and they are thriving today. Amazon, eBay, Google, and others emerged stronger and more capable after the bubble burst. They are joined by more recent technology conglomerates including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others that collectively dominate…

initial coin offering list

U.S. Courts Mining Cryptocurrencies?

The critical highs and lows which had plunged the cryptocurrency market into chaos seems to be taking its toll on cryptocurrency investors and miners as the U.S. Court systems and about 4000 websites unwittingly became cryptocurrency miners over the weekend….

Ellen DeGeneres Is Down with Bitcoin

US daytime television chat show queen, Ellen DeGeneres, featured bitcoin in a recent segment, wondering aloud about its fundamental mysteries with her enthused audience. And while it was a funny look at the cryptocurrency, she managed to expose an often…

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